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The Mask Makers Web -- For mask makers, this is the most fantastic listing of masks and their makers that I've ever seen, and it's growing all the time.  Most highly recommended.
Mask of the World -- An on-line shop for mask collectors and folk art lovers featuring tribal masks from around the World.  Includes masks for Halloween, Party, Drama, Art, and Protection.
Carnival of Venice -- This is an intriguing site, containing images of the Venetian Carnevale, both historical engravings and recent photographs, and a marvelous cross-section of history.


Newman's Commedia Mask Company -- Leather masks in the tradtional Commedia styles, as well as nuetral masks, for theatre and collectors. 
Einbender Studios -- Masks and purses made from leather, by Deborah Einbender. 
Goblin Art -- Monica Roxburgh, artist and mask maker with a wonderful sense of fantasy and whimsey.  Monica also works in puppet theatre, so be sure to give a look. 
Alyssa Ravenwood -- Artist and mask maker, also an actor and director in theatre.
Leopard's Leap -- Judith Rauchfuss, whose masks are a delightful explosion of bright colors.
Judith makes her masks using rich fabrics and trims of all kinds.  I have one of Judith's masks and can personally vouch for the fine quality of her work.
Papier Mache' by Rozani -- Masks made using classical paper mache' techniques.  She also
offers simple step-by-step instructions on her own procedures.
Shapeshifter Masks -- Some of the finest leather masks designed and made, many of them mythical and totemic animals, by Duncan Eagleson.
Noh Drama -- Aristocratic and elliptical in style and content, Noh Drama has survived as a ritualized art form for over six centuries.  The site shows traditional Japanese Noh masks and the process of making of a wooden mask in details.
Larry Wood -- a real stand-up guy and maker of cool leather masks. 
When I first went online with my own dot com to display and peddle my wares back in 1996, Larry was just about the only other mask maker working in leather with a real website on the English speaking portion of the 'net.

Mask-Making Techniques
So many folks e-mail me about my masks, some to request apprenticeships,
many others to demand online instruction.  I have no teaching skills as yet,
but there are others who can instruct:
The Prop Builder's Mask-Making Handbook, by Thurston James, published by Betterway Books, ISBN 1-55870-166-4.
Mask Making by i Sebastiani.

Many labor under the misapprehension that I know how to make masks
from materials other than leather -- I don't.
The links below may shed light where I'm unable.

Liquid Latex --
Mask Making Basics by Steve.

Millinery (hat-materials) Masks --
A Milliner's Approach to Maskmaking
by Jon Cardone.

Atelier Pietro Longhi Theater Costumes -- Hand-made theater costumes for sale and rental, made in Venice, following the old tradition of dress-making. 
Welcome to Venice Carnival -- This is a great site!  Images galore, and fun to explore, and it  provides all sorts of really useful information for anyone who's planning to visit Venice during the  Carnevale.

Please report broken or outdated links -- Thanks.
Ryl Mandus, the Merchant of Venice
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The Merchant of Venice

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