The Merchant of Venice, Ryl Mandus
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Here is the design sketch and completed mask of another custom design:

When I start to sketch, I always make sure I have 'wiggle room' for alterations -- I can't allow myself to become mentally locked into the design until I've made certain I can actually make it.
The completed mask, including the alterations in the design requested by the patron.  Such a handsome devil, . . . .

This is my mum-in-law wearing "Vultura".
A side view of
Here is my sis-in-law wearing

A shot of the cast of 
"Jeanne d'Arc: 
un certain je ne sais quoi!"
Some of the characters 
wore masks I'd made,
for instant character 
enhancement and recognition.
The performances were
put on by the
Romance Languages Dept.
of the 
University of Tennessee,
in Knoxville.
Tremouille' and Charles
confer out of earshot of
the Queen who ponders
without their interference.
A close-up of 'Charles', wearing
the mask called "Racket", and 
of the nefarious 'Tremouille',
who wears "Ruckus". The 
names of the masks truly suit
the characters' characters.
Yolanda, Charles' kind and wise
mother-in-law, wearing the
mask "Mardi Gras", an event
much celebrated in New Orleans,
named for the city liberated by
forces led by Joan of Arc.
What stage production would be complete
without a cast party?? Here are two from the
ensemble: the lady wears "Soiree'" and the
gentleman has on the "Avenging Angel".
UTK Photos: Photographer Unknown

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